Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Favorite Music (plus style)

Bob Dylan
Devendra Banhart
Andree 3000 (Outkast)
Ely Guerra

Kanye West

The Horrors
Zooey (She & Him) 

Federico Aubele

I really love these artists, not only because of their great music which I love, but also because of their sense of style which is very inspiring to me. Overall, I like the slickness and simplicity of these musicians. I hate music artist (except Bjork) that need to put on the most ridiculous outfits to make a statement.  I really love the timeless style of Zooey Deschanel, Federico Aubele, the guys of Interpol and Bob Dylan who is by far my personal favorite rock and roll fashion icon. Ely Guerra is so beautiful she can pull off any hair and clothing style she gets and she always looks so feminine. I’ve been a fan of Outkast forever and Andre 3000 started doing cool preppy before anyone else, and of course no one is cooler than Kanye.  Devendra and MGMT’s hippie-psychedelic style really matches their music to a tee. One example of what I am talking about is when  I saw The Horrors live a few months ago at the Independent, and they had a great show but I remember thinking to myself “Wow, these guys look great”. 

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I love these picks!