Saturday, July 9, 2011


Juan Son (now relocatecd in  NYC) has one of the most unique voices out there, and always pushing creative boundaries. I became a fan of Porter after I listened to the song “Espiral” which mentioned Tijuana, the band grew on me. Then I listened to Mermaid Sashimi, his first solo project. Unfortunately, I don’t think he ever toured with Mermaid Sashimi. But his latest new project AEIOU is by far his most interesting projects to date. He partnered with (Blond Redhead’s) Simone Pace, Kelley Deal (The Breeders) and other unknown high profile artists to create a great conceptual album. My favorite song from the album “King Ludwig II” also featured in Club Fonograma is an example of their creativity.  AEIOU recently performed at Sonar Festival in Barcelona presenting the amazing “Space Hymns” hopefully the project will tour the world and end up playing a tent at Coachella next year. 

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