Thursday, January 10, 2013

Favorite Live Shows of 2012

2012 was a music filled year for me. I can’t even count the number of shows I saw this year. With many festival sets and shows in San Francisco (and a few in other cities) it was hard to select, in my opinion, which were my favorite live shows of the year; the ones where the band left me wanting more. Let's see what 2013 has in store for us.

            10.  Gossip (Treasure Island Music Festival)
Even though I always thought Beth Ditto was cool,I have never been a big Gossip fan. Well, things changed after their TIMF set (right before The xx). She is irreverent, funny, sarcastic and daring. My favorite moment was of course when they perfomed  “Heavy Cross” and threw a few pieces of “Standing in the way of Control” After that, I converted. 

Best "The Queen" Ditto

    9. St Vincent  (Coachella 2012)

Annie Clark’s set at Coachella was one of the most anticipated of the weekend, that’s for sure. I remember the tent was at full capacity before she came out. When she finally came out and started playing the set became almost like a religious experience. The moment came to a climax during her song “Krokodile” where Annie jumps on the crowd and gave us a lesson on how to really crowd surf with style.  

     8. Thee Oh Sees (SF Outside Lands)
Thee Oh Sees rocking out!
The 2012 edition of this festival was not the best experience due to the over crowdedness, but one of the few enjoyable moments of the festival was Thee Oh Sees’s afternoon set.  The energy displayed by these guys was out of this world, kids moshing, guitars and just plain rock and roll. This is a band that is meant to be seen live. By the way, I love the lead singer’s hair. 


     7. Le Butcherettes (Coachella 2012)

Le Butcherettes
      I’ve been wanting to see this band for quite sometime, so, when I saw them on the lineup I knew they were going to put on a killer show. The band sounded potent and delivered one of the best sets of the Festival. It’s such a treat to see Teri, drummer Lia Braswell and Omar on bass. The coolest (or unexpected) moment was Teri’s exit, dropping her guitar to the ground, getting off stage, and running out to the Polo Fields.

                                 6. Buraka Som Sistema (Barcelona/San Francisco)
      No matter where you are in the world, Buraka Som Sistema is going to make you dance like you’ve never danced before. These guys know how to throw a badass party. The show in both cities (at Sala Apolo and The Independent, respectively) was so full of energy and great beats that culminated with a bunch of hot girls dancing on stage. 

Best Dance Party

      5. Pulp (Coachella 2012)
Mr. Jarvis
Come on, Pulp at Coachella? I knew I had to be front and center. Jarvis is one of the coolest and charming performers out there, a true rock star. Dancing classics such as “Common People”, “Disco 2000” and my favorite, “Do you remember the first time” in the desert was just one of the coolest musical moments for me although I felt the band was a bit underappreciated by the rest of the festival goers.

      4. Sigur Ros (SF Outside Lands)
 After watching a bit of Metallica, I headed down to the opposite side of Golden Gate Park to see the closing set of Sigur Ros. The setting that night was just perfect: the trees, heavy fog and the magical music made this set a fairy tale. There was Sigur Ros, then there was everyone else. 

      3. Phantogram (Paris)
I’ve been following Phantogram for a few years now but before this show, I’ve only seen them in festival settings. This show at La Fleche D’or was such an elegant and exquisite show. Both Sara and Josh really brought their talents and just sounded perfect, especially when they performed “You are the Ocean” and  "Bloody Palms"

Live in Paris 

      2. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg (Coachella 2012)
 For me watching Snoop and Dre closing the Coachella festival was an experience that I highly doubt will happen again. This set was a trip to my youth and having enjoyed it with my friends was what made this even better. I still watch the video performance on Youtube and still can’t believe I was there. 

      1. The xx (Treasure Island Music Festival)

The xx
What I really enjoy about this band is how simple and effortless their sound is. They are the perfect mix of chill and dancey. When you see this band live every piece falls in its place. Their closing set at TIMF was for sure one of the best sets of the entire weekend. They sounded clean, on point and gave me goose bumps throughout the duration of the set.


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