Saturday, May 24, 2014

Coachella 2014 with Miss Lady D

The Knife

Pet Shop Boys 

Arcade Fire


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This year’s Coachella was truly special. Not only were my favorite people in attendance but the energy overall felt great. Yes, the sandstorms are not the most pleasant things to endure, but the beauty of the festival 
(music and the scenery) does make up for it.

This year my dear friend Lola Rey (aka DJ Miss Lady D) attended and enjoyed the festival with me.

She has been to Coachella before (during the “Golden Era” of the festival), when people actually cared that Bauhaus, Pixies or Air were performing. This time, her opinion of the festival changed a lot; the festival still caters to the people who made Coachella a “Mecca” for music lovers while also acknowledging the demand for all things top 40. We both agreed the silver lining to the popularity of the festival is that while everyone is crowding stages to see Lorde, Pharrell, or anyone playing the Sahara tent after 7pm, we will always get a good spot to see Darkside, Pet Shop Boys or The Knife. 

This year the festival felt better organized than the last 4 years combined. The music of course was absolutely amazing. This year my friends and I were extremely excited to see Outkast, but the show fell a bit short to our expectations. We still danced to the jams but we thought it would be the set of the weekend. On the other hand, standouts of course included: Arcade Fire, Jagwar Ma, Future Islands, Solange, The Knife and one of my favorite new acts to play Coachella was definitely James Vincent McMorrow.

Also, can I mention how incredible the Art Installations were? While last year we had a gigantic snail going around the polo field. This year we had a robot and an astronaut guarding us, but the main attraction to all Instagrammers in attendance was the piece created by artist Phillip K Smith called “Reflection Fields”; mirror prisms that reflected the polo field environment during the day and by night transformed into prisms of color enhancing the beauty that is Coachella. 

Check out the conversation I had with Miss Lady D during the last day of Coachella. 

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